Blast off with high speed Rocket Internet™ from South Slope with speeds from 10 Mbps to 220 Mbps. South Slope provides high speed Internet services to all customers by Fiber To The Home or DSL, as determined by your location. 

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Rocket Internet Speeds

Download Speed      How will you use Rocket Internet? Price/Month
Up to 10 Mbps Basic- Email and surfing the web $40.95
Up to 20 Mbps Social- Photos, music, and streaming $44.95
Up to 40 Mbps Family- Multiple users and devices $54.95
Up to 110 Mbps Gamer- Advanced apps $99.95
Up to 220 Mbps  Pro- Power user $199.95
Plans require an 18 month contract. 10 Mbps down plan includes 512 k upload speed. 20 Mbps download plan and higher include 1 Mbps upload speed. 110 Mbps and 220 Mbps plans limited time offer. Speeds may vary. Plans not available in all areas. Taxes, fees, and some restrictions apply. 
Month to month and 12 month plans available. Call for information. 

Upload Speed Boosts

South Slope offers the option to customize your upload speed by adding a boost!

Upload Speed Price/Month
2 Mbps $4.95
5 Mbps $19.95
10 Mbps $39.95
20 Mbps $89.95
10 Mbps download plan cannot be boosted. 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps upload boosts require phone line.


Sign Up Today and Receive:

  • FREE ESPN3 access.
  • Five FREE email accounts.
  • FREE spam filtering.


Rocket Internet Benefits:

  • Fire up multiple devices at once without losing speed.
  • Take off faster with seamless movie and video downloads.
  • Our $60 Million Fiber Network investment offers the fastest and most reliable service.


Policies and Additional Information: