Television Support

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Remote Guides

Select your remote guide based on the photos below. Please note, the URC 4 remote comes in silver as well. 

Standard URC4 Nova



If you are having problems with your South Slope Television service follow these helpful hints. If the issue continues, call South Slope at 319-626-2211.

  1. Reboot the Entone set top box. Remove the black cord located on the back of the box and plug it back in. This could take a couple minutes for the box to load.

  2. Check the cables at the Entone and wall connection.

  3. Verify that your TV is on the proper input.

  4. Reboot the comtrend modem and action tec devices if they are present.

  5. If your house is fed with South Slope fiber optic cable check your cyber power unit to ensure the AC light is green. If the light is yellow check the GFI outlet. The cyber power unit is a white box that will be mounted on a wall possibly in your garage.

  6. If you are unable to resolve the issue with these steps, please call South Slope at 319-626-2211.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guides are available for our black/silver and silver remotes (see photo within to determine which remote you have). This guide includes resolutions for common set top box, remote, and battery issues. 

    Parental Controls 

    1. Push the "menu" button and go to the "Settings" selection.

    2. Enter your pin number and select "ok."

    3. The Settings Page is displayed.

    4. Under "Main Preferences" page check the "Parental Control" box.

    5. Then select "Users button" under the settings page.

    6. Now select the "Parental Control" button.

    7. This is the screen where parental controls are enabled per viewing choice by movie rating, TV rating, unlock time out, or block unrated.


    Click here for a copy of our DVR brochure and instructions.

    Watch TV Everywhere

    Click here for information regarding Watch TV Everywhere.