South Slope Annual Meeting

South Slope Cooperative Telephone Company

Annual Meeting Pre-Notice


The Annual Meeting of the Cooperative will be held on May 15, 2019 in the South Slope Community Center. Doors will open at 1:00pm and the business meeting will begin promptly at 2:00pm. Expect traffic delays due to construction projects on Front Street. Directors will be elected by mail ballot, with election results announced at the Annual Meeting. Candidates for director seats may be nominated by Nominating Committee or by member petition. Please refer to the fact sheet linked below for important information concerning the nomination and election of directors. For more information concerning the nominating committee, nominating petitions and relevant deadlines, please contact the Cooperative or refer to this page of our website.

2019 District Information:

  1. At Large – Gary Grabe’s three-year term as At Large Director Director is expiring. The nomination committee members may nominate ten members from anywhere in the district to run for this position. Gary Grabe is eligible to be one of the nominees.
  2. Amana/Newhall – Does not have a Director term expiring this year.
  3. Fairfax – Does not have a Director term expiring this year.
  4. North Liberty – Does not have a Director term expiring this year.
  5. Norway/Ely – Does not have a Director term expiring this year.

Members interested in serving on the Board of Directors may submit their name for consideration by the Nominating Committee. To submit a name to the nominating committee please include the name, address, and contact information, along with a signed copy of the board member expectations and nepotism policy to the following address before close of business on April 1, 2019.

South Slope Cooperative Communications
Attention: Nominating Committee
PO Box 19
North Liberty, IA 52317

2019 Nominating Committee Members:

John Fisher 626-2066
Fred Charbon 626-2451
Lori Meyer 936-7935
Mary K. Mitchell 626-2648
Edward C. Mertens 848-7356
Joe Healy 848-7106
Steve Havran 227-7562
Richard Leichsenring 622-3894
Mark Schwarting 626-3835
Joyce Fels 622-3412
Connie Pegump 846-2329
Louie Hein 846-2471
John Pegump 846-2329
William Kueter 857-5049
Brian Sankot 845-3045
Richard Sutphin 846-2826

An official notice of the Annual Meeting will be mailed out at a later date along with official ballots, ballot envelopes, and candidate biographies. In order for votes to be tabulated, all mail ballots must be returned to the election administrator or cast at the principal office of the Cooperative by May 5, 2019.

Election of Directors

Nominating Petition

Board Member Expectations

Nepotism Policy

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes


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