Tuesday Tip: Don’t get scammed, delete that spam!

Tuesday Tip: Last week many of our members received the following email. While it was not sent from us, we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight some key things to look for in a spam email. Brad, our data administrator, has these tips to avoid getting scammed. Don’t get scammed, delete that spam!


  • The Sender or “From” address.
    • Always look at the email address in brackets to confirm it’s from a legitimate or known sender.
    • The below email was sent from an address like JohnDoe@southslope.net, which would not be the email address of “Administration service”.
  • The Date/Time stamp on the email.
    • If it’s sent from your grandma at 3:00AM, is that a normal time for your grandma to send email?
  • The Subject.
    • Make sure the subject matches the content of the email. If it was really sent by a professional service, they probably wouldn’t send a mass email with a subject of “@Info”.
  • The Email Body.
    • Always check for spelling or grammatical errors in the body of the email. Spam email will often have broken English, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors.
  • Links in the Email Body.
    • Always hover over any links in emails before actually clicking the link. Hovering over the link will show the URL that it is actually going to take you to. Make sure it matches the link name and looks like something you would normally go to.
  • Attachments
    • If your email contains an attached document or picture, is it something you were expecting? If you weren’t expecting it or don’t know the sender, avoid opening the attachment if possible.
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