Tuesday Tip: The Latest Hacking Stunt – Disney+

Tuesday Tip: The latest Hacking Stunt – Disney+

Disney+ just launched last week, but the bad guys are already after your account information. Use our latest #tuesdaytip to stay safe when signing up for the new streaming service. #southslopetips

Scammers are trying to gain access to accounts by using known, hacked usernames and passwords. To keep your Disney+ account, and other online applications safe, follow the tips below:

  • Don’t reuse passwords. If you use the same password for multiple different applications, it makes it easier for scammers to steal information from a variety of different places. Once one account is hacked, they all could be hacked.
  • Never use variations of current or old passwords. Scammers are smart, if your original password doesn’t work, they will try a similar one.


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