South Slope Awards Non-Profits with Grants

South Slope Cooperative Communications and Aureon are pleased to announce that matching charity grants have been awarded to Worth Our Weight 2, the Amana Heritage Society, and Wishes for Wildlife. The Aureon Charity Grant Committee reviews an abundance of applications, but they carefully delegate funds to projects committed to the betterment of local communities.

Worth Our Weight 2 is a non-profit culinary education program based in North Liberty and run by Z’s Catering and BBQ. They work with high school age children who are at risk of dropping out, or because of personal situations, may need to get into the workforce or a post-high school culinary program. They will use their grant funds to provide scholarships to defray the program’s fee, and to host classes for groups from Big Brothers Big Sisters. Learn more about this program at

The Amana Heritage Society collects, preserves, and interprets the cultural heritage of the Amana Colonies National Historic Landmark, and operates the Amana Heritage Museum. They will use their funds to purchase the Communal Kitchen Museum & Cooper Shop. This is the only intact communal kitchen left in the Amana Colonies. Specifically, this property would be purchased to provide students, travelers and community members an experience and comparison on how they eat today versus how people ate traditionally in the Amana communal kitchen from 1855 to 1932.

The Wishes for Wildlife Foundation is a volunteer run, non-profit organization based in Amana that preserves and enhances wildlife habitats. Their mission is to provide safe and sustainable wildlife refuges that are carefully planned and maintained to enrich the environment and increase and preserve the wildlife population. They will use their funds for the “Sustainable Wildlife Food Source” project that will plant food plots for wildlife to encourage the balance of natural ecosystems and pollination.

Grant applications are available at Grants are awarded quarterly and amounts are determined by an independent charity grant committee.

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