Fiber Optics

Tiffin and Solon

South Slope is converting specific areas of Tiffin and Solon from copper telecommunication lines to fiber optic. This technology is the most advanced available and is part of our ongoing commitment to provide you the best way to stay connected.

Project Update – Weather Permitting: In Tiffin, we should finish splicing fiber in November and will then start calling customers to schedule appointments for the final hookup to the network inside homes. In Solon, splicing should be complete in March with scheduling of appointments taking place in April. 


Q1: When is the signup deadline for Tiffin and Solon? Why do you have deadlines?

  • The sign-up deadline for Tiffin and Solon is January 31st, 2019.
  • Residents have a limited amount of time to sign up so we can focus our resources on connecting each area as efficiently as possible.
  • Permission Slips were mailed to homes located in the first phase of our fiber technology conversion in Tiffin and Solon.
  • Only those homes that received a permission slip are a part of this initial phase.

Q2: Will you expand fiber to other areas?

  • This is expected to be a multi-year plan, and areas within Solon and Tiffin will be evaluated each year. Households within areas we plan to bring fiber to will be contacted.

Q3: What is the timeline?

  • Because this project is weather-dependent, we can share an overall timeline, not specific dates.
  • Construction in Tiffin will begin in August and we should be ready to convert customers to fiber services in October.
  • Construction in Solon will begin in September and we should be ready to convert customers to fiber in late November.
  • It is not necessary for you to contact us asking when fiber will be available. We will contact each household when we are able to convert services.

Q4: What services will I be able to choose with fiber?

  • Fiber optics delivers the fastest internet speeds available. Stream, download and game without buffering. View Internet Plans
  • Television on a fiber optic connection allows for crystal-clear High Definition (HD) channels, multiple DVRs, and access to Whole Home DVR service. View Television Packages
  • Fiber optics provides a high quality, reliable telephone service. View Phone Plans
  • Installing fiber optics does not require you to change services. However, our current copper facilities will be retired by the end of the year and, at that time, we will no longer be able to offer services provided through copper.

Q5: If I rent, am I able to get fiber?

  • If you rent a house or an apartment, we will need to contact your landlord. The permission slip you received includes an area for you to provide your landlord’s contact information.

Q6: Do I need a modem with fiber internet service?

  • No, your fiber connection does not require a modem but we recommend a router with a firewall for security. Want to take the worry out of managing your router and wireless connection? Add South Slope Managed Wi-Fi to your internet plan and will we provide and install a top-grade router for optimal Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. Plus, our expert technicians are at your service 24/7. Learn More

Q7: Will new equipment be installed at my home?

  • Yes. The old Network Interface Device (NID) you currently have will be replaced by a slightly larger Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The ONT converts the optical signal to voice, CATV and internet. This unit will also require the mounting of a back-up power supply for the electronics. The ONT requires electricity. Since fiber cannot carry an electric power charge like copper used to, a battery back-up is required to power your phone service in the event of a general power outage. This battery is designed to last for 8 or more hours, depending on phone usage.

Q8: What should I expect during the upgrade?

  • We begin by placing the main line fiber optic cables to each neighborhood followed by placing fiber or conduit all the way to your home. We will be installing an ONT and battery box, near the time that you will be converted to fiber optic services. When everything is in place, we will need to schedule an appointment with you for the final hookup to the network inside your home. We will need an adult present at that time.

If you have additional questions, please call us at 319-626-2211, live chat with us or send an email to


Benefits of Fiber Optics

Faster Internet Speeds

Fiber optics delivers the fastest Internet speeds available. Do you enjoy surfing the web, streaming videos, or playing online games? Fiber optics makes working and playing easier than ever with more consistent high speeds.

The Best Digital TV Experience

Fiber optic cables can transfer much more data than copper wire. Television on a fiber optic connection means flawless picture, more crystal clear High Definition (HD) channels, and multiple DVRs.


Keeping you connected at all times is our priority. South Slope buries fiber optic cables to ensure they will endure harsh environmental factors such as sunlight, storms, snow, and 80mph winds. Our fiber is strong, weatherproof, and UV resistant.

Personal Connection

Each subscriber on South Slope fiber optics has their own dedicated connection. This is unlike many of our competitors who provide shared connections, which ultimately slows your speed.

Cutting Edge

In addition to living a connected lifestyle, fiber optics allow for the development and deployment of new broadband applications. Fiber is prepared to handle new phone, television, and Internet applications; keeping you on the cutting edge of business, education, and entertainment.

Local Support 24/7

We are proud to do everything we can to serve our members. South Slope is where technology and community meet. We know our customers, understand their needs, and treat them like neighbors– because that’s exactly what we are.

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