Sell Homes Fast with Fiber Internet

In today’s connected world, having fast, reliable internet is essential to your homebuyers. South Slope provides the gold standard, fiber optic internet, in many of your selling areas with speeds up to 100 times faster than the average residential connection.

Fiber Optic Internet Benefits to Realtors

  • Having Ultra-Fast Fiber Optic Internet on your listings sets you apart from competitors. Go beyond listing the traditional features and stand out with an internet service that will get your properties noticed.
  • Your knowledge of this key selling feature shows your buyers you know that high-speed internet is now as essential to them as utilities.
  • South Slope provides the literature and yard signs to help promote the homes that have Ultra-Fast Fiber Optic Internet helping you sell homes fast.

Fiber Optic Internet Benefits to Buyers

  • Families can all use their devices at the same time without buffering or connectivity issues
  • Ultra-fast browsing and lightning-quick access to the cloud
  • Crystal-clear video streaming
  • Lag-free gaming
  • Increased home value by 3.1% – Fiber to the Home Council of America, 2015

Start Featuring Ultra-Fast Fiber Optic Internet Now
Simply email us your listing addresses and we will respond indicating which ones have fiber optic internet. South Slope now has fiber optic available to residents and businesses in parts of Amana, Cedar Rapids, Ely, Fairfax, Newhall, North Liberty, Norway, Swisher, Tiffin and Walford.

Refer-a-Buyer and Earn Rewards
Want to earn rewards in our Refer-a-Buyer Program? When you refer a buyer who becomes a new South Slope member, you both receive $50 in South Slope bill credits. If you are not a South Slope member, we can mail you a $50 reward check. Before you start referring, simply complete our online form and then start referring and earning rewards! We have over 100 area realtors already registered for this program.


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Refer a buyer who becomes a South Slope member and you both receive $50. Register here first and then start referring.
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Benefits of Fiber Optics

Faster Internet Speeds

Fiber optics delivers the fastest Internet speeds available. Do you enjoy surfing the web, streaming videos, or playing online games? Fiber optics makes working and playing easier than ever with more consistent high speeds.

The Best Digital TV Experience

Fiber optic cables can transfer much more data than copper wire. Television on a fiber optic connection means flawless picture, more crystal clear High Definition (HD) channels, and multiple DVRs.


Keeping you connected at all times is our priority. South Slope buries fiber optic cables to ensure they will endure harsh environmental factors such as sunlight, storms, snow, and 80mph winds. Our fiber is strong, weatherproof, and UV resistant.

Personal Connection

Each subscriber on South Slope fiber optics has their own dedicated connection. This is unlike many of our competitors who provide shared connections, which ultimately slows your speed. Get the speed you pay for 100% of the time.

Cutting Edge

In addition to living a connected lifestyle, fiber optics allow for the development and deployment of new broadband applications. Fiber is prepared to handle new phone, television, and Internet applications; keeping you on the cutting edge of business, education, and entertainment.

Local Support 24/7

We are proud to do everything we can to serve our members. South Slope is where technology and community meet. We know our customers, understand their needs, and treat them like neighbors– because that’s exactly what we are.

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