Better Service Starts Here.

Better Service Starts Here.

Our Pledge to You

Here at South Slope, we value our customers and understand that in order to build strong relationships, we must provide the service and support you deserve. We strive to always maintain trust with our customers through honest, straightforward pricing and no hidden fees. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge telecommunications services is backed by exceptional customer support.



Knowledgeable Employees

We are passionate about providing quality service and have the training to back it.

24/7 Customer Support

Whether it be our customer service in North Liberty or our 24/7 U.S.-based support, we’re always here to help!

Honest Pricing

We give you accurate pricing up front with no hidden fees, promotional gimmicks or long-term contracts.

Supporting Communities

South Slope gives back to our communities through donations, volunteering, grants and scholarships.

No Data Caps

Stream as much as you want! At South Slope, you get unlimited usage for all internet plans.

Ultra-Fast Services

With the South Slope fiber network, you get the fastest and most reliable services.

Net Promoter Score

NPS measures the willingness of our customers to recommend South Slope services to others. The NPS ranges from -100 to +100, with the average Telecom/Cable/TV Service company score at -5. South Slope has a score of 52, which is ranked in the “Excellent” section on the scale compared to other scores.

No Contracts. No Data Caps.

We have the upload and download speeds you need and the connection you can count on.

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Our Customers Love Us!

5 Star Review

When our internet went out one evening, we had a technician at our house by 9 the next morning, and he had it fixed in a snap. After the August 10th derecho, our internet was back in less than 24 hours, while our Mediacom-customer friends were still waiting after more than a week without internet. The internet speed is fast, and I’m getting exactly the speed I’m paying for, which is rare these days. Needless to say, if you can get South Slope internet, GET IT. You won’t be disappointed.

Lydia F.
South Slope Customer

5 Star Review

I have had South Slope for 10+ years and have had nothing but the most amazing customer service. Everyone I talk to is always professional, candid and does what they can to take care of my needs. This morning a tech showed up (after calling before showing up as requested), had his mask on and put booties on to not track in anything. He was polite and took care of everything quickly. Thanks South Slope for consistent great service!

Stacy F.
South Slope Customer

5 Star Review

New customer and so far extremely impressed! Before the install appt was set, had crew over to determine the best way for the install. Tech showed up right on time & was very nice & helpful! Speed is great! Was told tech support available 24/7 and had to make our first call tonight because of devices not recognizing the wifi and had been trying to troubleshoot ourselves for a couple hours. The tech knew the issue right away & got it fixed within minutes! Thanks, we’re definitely glad we made the switch!!

Joel D.
Residential South Slope Customer