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South Slope Holds Annual Meeting, Highlights Strong Financials and Fiber Expansion

April 17, 2024

South Slope Cooperative Communications, a leading internet service provider in East Central Iowa, held its Annual Meeting on April 17th at the South Slope Community Center.

As a cooperative, members of South Slope can run for the Board of Directors, serve on the Nominating Committee, and vote for cooperative board members. This year, Mike Schanz was re-elected to the Amana/Newhall director term and Dave Roberts was re-elected to the North Liberty director term.

Todd Thorson, Partner at FORVIS, an accounting and consulting firm from Des Moines, reported that South Slope is in a strong financial position showing growth in member equity, operating revenues while significantly reducing long-term debt. He also shared that South Slope continues to experience strong internet customer growth enabling infrastructure investment and expansion.

South Slope CEO, Chuck Deisbeck, highlighted the completion of fiber networks in rural Tiffin and Oxford in 2023, made possible with the assistance of state and federal grants. The successful execution of these projects underscores South Slope’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and providing reliable connectivity to underserved areas.

In 2024, the cooperative will expand its fiber network to rural Solon, a significant milestone that will provide fiber services to 100% of South Slope’s coverage area upon completion in early 2025. This initiative will greatly improve connectivity in Solon, offering members the fastest and most dependable services available.

Commenting on the cooperative’s achievements, Deisbeck stated, “At South Slope, we are proud of our commitment to delivering reliable, high-speed internet to our members. We are grateful for their support and the dedication of our employees and board members as we continually strive for excellence in serving our communities.”

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