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House Divided Brew

June Business Spotlight: House Divided Brewery

May 23, 2023

This month’s Business Spotlight is on House Divided Brewery  located in downtown Ely. Cal and Lisa Corrin opened House Divided Brewery, a nanobrewery and taproom, in October 2019.  It all started when Cal began homebrewing his own drinks and decided to turn his hobby into a business.  The House Divided Brewery name was born when […]

May Business Spotlight: Copper Boar

April 27, 2023

This month’s Business Spotlight is on Copper Boar in North Liberty. What started as a shared dream among three chef friends turned into reality when they opened Copper Boar in August 2022. Ty Medema, Shane Durian and Zephaniah Leaton all worked together at Riverside Casino and jumped at the opportunity to bring a modern take […]

April Business Spotlight: Briar Ridge Bikes

March 28, 2023

This month’s Business Spotlight is on Briar Ridge Bikes. Briar Ridge Bikes started as an idea among Solon business owners and residents wanting to bring a premium bike shop experience to Main Street. In February 2021, the idea became reality when the doors of Briar Ridge Bikes officially opened. Whether someone is shopping for their […]

Optimize your Business with South Slope Voice Service

March 12, 2023

The world keeps evolving, and so are the ways customers are reaching out to businesses. One thing that remains the same is how customers resort to phone calls when they need an urgent solution. Did you know angry customers who hang up after being on hold for long periods of time are more likely to […]


March Business Spotlight: Smash Juice Bar & Eatery

February 28, 2023

This month’s Business Spotlight is on Smash Juice Bar & Eatery. Smash Juice Bar & Eatery opened in 2019 with the desire to bring a healthy alternative to the North Liberty area!  Smash believes that prioritizing nutrition shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste that is why they always use high quality fresh ingredients. Their menu was crafted […]

Benefits of Symmetrical Internet for Businesses

February 15, 2023

All internet connections are not created equal. While some internet plans feature high download speeds, the upload speed may pale in comparison. Upload speed is increasingly important for the way you do business. First, let’s dive into the difference between the two. Download speed is how fast you receive information over the internet. Examples include receiving […]

Midnight Gem

February Business Spotlight: The Midnight Gem

January 30, 2023

This month’s Business Spotlight is on The Midnight Gem. The Midnight Gem is a modern industrial venue that is ready to take your special event and give it the love, care, and support that it deserves. This new venue is in a prime location off the I-380 Swisher exit, within miles of the Eastern Iowa […]

Performance Health

January Business Spotlight: Performance Health & Fitness

December 30, 2022

This month’s Business Spotlight is on Performance Health & Fitness. Performance is proud to have served the Iowa City, Coralville, and the North Liberty area for the past 16 years. Their mission is to inspire, motivate, educate, and encourage members to live a healthy lifestyle so they can thrive. What sets Performance Health & Fitness […]

December Business Spotlight: Amana General Store

November 30, 2022

This month’s Business Spotlight is on the Amana General Store. Built in 1858, the Amana General Store is a prominent historic landmark in the village of Amana. From the time it opened until 1932, the store served the community with all of its material needs that the communal society did not provide. Today, the store […]

women with baking cinnamon rolls

November Business Spotlight: Shelly’s Sweets

October 25, 2022

This month’s Business Spotlight is on Shelly’s Sweets. Shelly’s Sweets is a family-owned and run business located in Newhall. The bakery opened over 20 years ago when Shelly Dengler and her family came together to create baked goods to sell to locals. As demand grew, the business moved from a home kitchen to its own […]

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