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South Slope provides grants to The Amana Fire Department, The North Liberty Community Pantry, and The Wishes for Wildlife Foundation

February 16, 2023

South Slope Cooperative Communications and Aureon are pleased to announce that matching charity grants have been awarded to the Amana Fire Department, North Liberty Community Pantry, and Wishes for Wildlife. The Aureon Charity Grant Committee delegates funds to projects committed to the betterment of local communities.

The Amana Fire Department will use their grant funds to help replace gear ruined in the recent Marengo fire and explosion. The new equipment will protect the volunteer firefighters and help them serve the community.

The North Liberty Community Pantry will use their grant money to purchase clothing for their Community Closet. The Closet is the first of its kind in the community, providing a selection of free clothing to those in need of assistance.

The Wishes for Wildlife Foundation will use their grant funds for “Planting Trees for Future Generations Phase 3” to purchase trees and tree tubes, as well as fencing to protect the trees as they grow. These trees are specific to the needs of the animals in the area, and they will provide a sustainable food source, as well as shelter for many birds.

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