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South Slope Provides Matching Grants to Support Local Organizations

February 13, 2024

South Slope Cooperative Communications and Aureon are pleased to announce that matching charity grants have been awarded to the Oxford Fire Department, Oxford Vision Committee, North Liberty Community Pantry and Veterans Memorial Coralville. The Aureon Charity Grant Committee delegates funds to projects committed to the betterment of local communities.

The Oxford Fire Department will use their funds to purchase a battery powered fan. These fans play an indispensable role in firefighting, offering swift smoke ventilation, improved air quality, heightened operational efficiency, versatile deployment, and an overall enhancement of firefighter safety.

The Oxford Vision Committee will purchase a trailer with their grant funds. This trailer will help the organization’s volunteers efficiently deploy and dismantle barricades for smooth execution of events.

The North Liberty Community Pantry will use their grant funds to purchase frozen meat, providing larger quantities for households with more family members and offering a diverse selection to cater to different dietary requirements.

The Veterans Memorial Coralville will put their funds towards a large paver in the memorial’s Patriot Circle around the flagpole. This memorial aims to establish a lasting space for families and the community to pay visits, reflect, and ensure that the sacrifices of military veterans endure in our collective memory.

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