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Iowa Cable Advertising Network

Back your business with a network of success.

Affordable and Effective Advertising

ICAN Advertising and South Slope have joined forces to create a powerful building tool that may have been out of financial reach for local businesses until now. We have created a special partnership that involves local telephone companies and national television programmers like ESPN, HGTV and Fox News. Our model takes the effectiveness of TV advertising and adds the ability to target the customers near you, delivering effective, affordable advertising.

Cable Networks

Cable networks still deliver an undeniable amount of audience engagement. Cable delivers programming in every genre, news, sports, drama, comedy, documentary, kids and much more.

Target Viewers

Target viewers while they are watching programs they are passionate about.

Reach Viewers

Reach viewers with higher median home values and more disposable income.

Contact ICAN at or call 319-261-2638
to get started with your television advertising.


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