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2020 Technology Gift Guides

December 9, 2020

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be tricky, but this holiday season, we’re here to help. We’ve complied a list of items for all of those special people in your life based on the things they love to do! Don’t wait until the last minute, and check out our tech gift guide for 2020:

  1. For the streamer: If you re-watched Friends, The Office or another addicting series at least five times this year, raise your hand. Give the binge-watcher a streaming device such as a Roku or Fire Stick, and pair it with a subscription to one of your favorite services
  2. For the dedicated athlete: While we may have binged our favorite shows during quarantine, we all have a friend or family member who continued their religious workout routine. Help them reach new goals with a Garmin watch or wireless headphones from Bose.
  3. For the avid reader: Bring your favorite bookworm into the 21st century with the gift of an endless library and thousands of stories available on Kindle. Know someone who loves to read but is too busy to pick up a book? Consider gifting a subscription to Audible for audiobooks on demand.
  4. For the music lover: Consider going back and time by gifting music lovers with a record player…that has Bluetooth access, of course. Other popular gifts might be a Bluetooth speaker, noise cancelling headphones or a subscription to a music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music.
  5. For the one who has a lot of questions: What’s the weather today? How many cups are in a gallon? Who sings “Bohemian Rhapsody?” We all know someone who likes to ask questions! Help them out by gifting a smart speaker from Amazon, Sonos or Google. Take it a step further with a smart speaker that includes a screen!
  6. For the new home owner: A new home is a lot of work, but securing that home doesn’t have to be. Check out video doorbells from Ring, Nest or Eufy to secure and protect your friend’s new spot.
  7. For the one who loses everything: To those people who continuously misplace their five different remotes, gift a universal remote to dispose clutter. Also consider a Tile locator, to help find keys, wallets or phones.
  8. For the 24/7 gamer: Check out these popular items for your gaming friends this year. Gift new products like a Nintendo Switch or Oculus VR Headset, or keep it simple with a wireless controller for their gaming device.
  9. For the movie guru: Movies bring families together, and name a better gift than family time? Gift a movie theater at home with a mini projector and sound bar. All that’s left is the popcorn!
  10. For the world traveler: They may not be traveling the world right now, but we guarantee they are already planning their next trip! Help them prepare with the gift of a portable powerbank charger, and keep their memories safe with a mini photo printer.

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