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4 Tips for Unplugging from Devices this Summer

June 14, 2021

We are all guilty of it – spending too much time on our devices. Scrolling through social media on our phones, binging the latest series on our favorite streaming platform, gaming into the early morning hours on our tablets and computers. With summer making a triumphant return, now is your opportunity to reduce screen time and enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer. Following are tips to help make unplugging easier!

1. Set a screen time limit

Instead of spending all day in front of the TV or glued to your phone, try setting specific time increments where you and your kids can be on devices, such as one hour in the morning and one hour before bed, or just while you prepare lunch and dinner. Learn what works best for your family and stick to the schedule as best as you can.

2. Remove notifications

When you hear a phone ding do you immediately check your device even if it isn’t yours? Removing notifications for apps like Facebook and Instagram can lower the urge to check your phone as often. Also consider other apps you don’t use as frequently and silence or totally remove those notifications.

3. Participate in a family activity

It’s time to get outdoors! Try some of these fun family activities to get your mind and eyes off the screens:

4. Be a screen time role model

Those little ones are following your every move, and the older kids will call you out if you’re not following the rules. Be a role model to your family and practice what you preach when it comes to screen time rules. It will help your family adjust, and hopefully create new habits for yourself as well.


Screens can be addicting, and your habits aren’t going to change in one day or even a week. Start small and grow to help you and your family unplug this summer!

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