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4 Tips to Safely Scroll Social Media

February 5, 2021

Raise your hand if you’ve learned a new TikTok dance in the last year. Quarantine has amped up our scrolling on OG networks like Facebook, and newer standouts like TikTok. While connecting this way has become a greater part of daily life, it’s not without danger. Read our top four tips below on how to stay safe while using social media.

1. Password Security

Even while scrolling on your favorite apps, hackers are looking for your personal information. Things that should never be shared online are phone numbers, addresses, bank account information and other specific details of your life. Experienced hackers can use that info to access your account, infiltrate your other personal accounts, or even use your identity to develop a new account. While on social media, use strong passwords and consider changing them periodically to keep hackers away. Also consider setting up two-factor authentication so you have multiple forms of security before gaining access to your space.

2. Check your Privacy Settings

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites have privacy settings you can use to prevent your page from being hacked by an outside source. These settings are there to help protect you, and control who can see what you post. When signing in to a new account, browse the site and become familiar with each platform’s settings and what works best for you.

3. Only Click Reputable Links

We all love a good life hack video while we scroll, like seeing air fryers transform dinner prep and heatless curler makeovers. But before hitting the link to purchase, take a moment to check the source. Make sure the place you are buying from is real, and that the web address is legit. Also be cautious of messenger links. Messages with a shortened URL and a statement such as, “OMG look at this picture of you,” are not to be trusted.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Friends

We love to see our followers go up, but do you really know everyone who “friends” you on social media? Be wary of strangers as they could easily be a bot or someone attempting to scam you. Stay away from accounts with little personal information, few followers and ones that send links saying you have won something. Although many of the most popular platforms spend extra time protecting users like you from bots and scams, still use caution when interacting with others online.

Social media is all fun and games, quite literally, until something goes wrong and your accounts get hacked. So before you learn that new TikTok dance or get caught up on the latest trends, make sure your personal information is secure.

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