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Powering your landline phone in a power outage

August 15, 2020

Having a landline phone can provide security in a power outage but there are important things you should know. If your landline phone service is on the South Slope fiber network, it relies on electricity to work. In a power outage, the battery backup unit will supply power to the landline phone for up to 8 hours – read more about battery backup instructions here. To extend that coverage you can purchase a 24-hour backup battery unit or follow the steps below.

If you have a generator supplying power within your home, you’ll need to connect the battery backup unit to the outlet that is connected to your generator.

Following are pictures of the two most common battery backup units, one of which would be in your home. The unit will be located in one of three places: basement, utility room, garage or outside your home.

Once you find the unit, follow the black cord to where it’s plugged into an outlet. Remove the plug and plug it either directly into your generator or into an outlet strip that is plugged into your generator. If  you need further assistance, please contact South Slope at 319-626-2211 or at

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