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Security Tip: What is a Firewall?

February 27, 2020

Security Tip: What’s a Firewall?

The safety of your businesses private information is often a top priority. In order to keep it safe, your company probably has precautionary measures set in place to protect it from potential risks. One of those protective systems may be known as a firewall. Almost anyone who has owned or operated a computer has heard of the term firewall, but do you really know what a firewall is or how it keeps your information safe?

A firewall is a network security device that works like a filter to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic. It is the first form of defense in cyber security. If a computer outside of your network tries to gain access, the firewall can block or allow the user entrance based on the rules installed. This protects you from cyber criminals and hackers entering the network and taking company information or possibly installing malware.

Overall, a firewall is a line of defense to protect your information. When your computer is accessible through an internet connection or Wi-Fi, it is susceptible to attack. However, you can restrict outside access to your computer, and the information on it, with a firewall.

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