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Three Tips for a Better Gaming Experience

July 6, 2022

Raise your hand if you have a gamer in your house. We know that your little humans, especially the teenage ones, are often using the internet for gaming. We’ve all been there – with multiple people on the internet at the same time, lagging and slow speeds can happen. When that occurs in the middle of an important game, it could be the end of the world…at least in your child’s mind!

We’re here to help with our top tips for a better gaming experience. 

  1. Check Your Internet Bandwidth
    • Does your game freeze or cut out when there are multiple people in your house using the internet? That may mean you need to move to an internet plan with more bandwidth. The good news is that South Slope offers equal download and upload speeds. For gamers, this means that the speed at which you send and receive data is the same which results in a better internet experience. Check out all of our internet plans at to find the best one for your family.
  2. Ditch the Wi-Fi to Reduce Latency
    • Although your wireless connection may work most of the time, a wired connection is faster and more reliable for gaming. Simply connect an Ethernet cable directly from your router to your gaming device. As long as your router isn’t the problem, this should greatly reduce lag during gameplay.
  3. Unlimited Data
    • Gaming daily can take up a lot of data usage. Lucky for you, on a South Slope internet plan, you have access to unlimited data. Yes, we really mean unlimited! There are no data caps on any of our plans, so you can game with the peace of mind that you won’t be limited on your bandwidth or charged an extra fee.

Avoid those meltdowns and follow these tips for a better gaming experience! If you need more help, reach out to our South Slope experts at 319-626-2211 or chat with us at

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