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Why a Small Business Would Benefit from South Slope Managed Wi-Fi

June 13, 2024

Why a Small Business Would Benefit from South Slope Managed Wi-Fi

In today’s digital age, a reliable internet connection is a must for any small business. South Slope offers a solution that can enhance productivity and customer satisfaction: Managed Wi-Fi service.

Here’s how your business can benefit:

1. Enhanced Reliability and Performance

South Slope Managed Wi-Fi ensures a stable and reliable wireless connection, minimizing downtime and disruptions. The Carrier-grade Wi-Fi 6 router and remote monitoring/assistance help quickly resolve issues, keeping your operations smooth.

2. Worry-Free

Get peace of mind with automatic security updates. We’ll provide the router and handle all router support including reboots, updating firmware and more.

3. Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Be in control. Manage your Wi-Fi with the South Slope Wi-Fi App. See connected devices, set up a guest network and more.

5. Expert Support and Maintenance

Access to 24/7 support ensures quick resolution of technical issues, minimizing disruptions. Regular updates keep your router up-to-date with the latest technology.

6. Enhanced Customer Experience

For businesses with foot traffic, providing reliable Wi-Fi can enhance customer satisfaction. South Slope Managed Wi-Fi allows you to offer a stable and reliable connection.

7. Whole-Business Coverage

We professionally install and test your Wi-Fi to minimize dead spots and provide the best coverage throughout your business.

Simply put – it’s all speed and no hassle. Add Managed Wi-Fi to your business internet for $9.95 per month. Ready to get started? Contact our sales team at or call 319-626-2211.

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