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Why Upload Speed Matters

June 7, 2022

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When deciding on an internet plan, most people focus on the download speed without giving much thought to upload. That’s not surprising given that internet service providers often only advertise download speed because their upload speed is minimal in comparison. However, upload speed has become increasingly important for how you use the internet. First, let’s dive into the difference between the two speeds.

  • Download speed is how fast you receive information over the internet. Examples of downloading include streaming Netflix, listening to Spotify, receiving an email, browsing the web and watching a video on social media.
  • Upload speed is how quickly you send data from your device to the internet. This includes uploading photos or videos to social media or the cloud, Zoom meetings, FaceTime calls, and submitting assignments.

Fiber internet providers like South Slope offer equal upload speeds because fiber has a much larger capacity to deliver data compared to other networks. There are many benefits of equal upload and download speeds, including:

  • Efficient Smart Homes: Home security systems, smart washers and Ring doorbells are all uploading data at the same time, which highlights the need for better upload speed.
  • Fast File Uploads: Sending files to the Cloud, YouTube, Dropbox, shared Drives, or Twitch can be difficult if the files are large. With a symmetrical Internet connection, large files are a breeze.
  • Reliable Connections: Do you rely on video chats and meetings? You can avoid the dreaded frozen screen and dropped calls with equal upload speeds.

Bottom line? Symmetrical speeds result in ridiculously reliable video chats, fast cloud uploads and a better internet experience!

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