About Us

South Slope Cooperative Communications provides ultra-fast broadband internet, phone service, and television to residential and business customers. South Slope is recognized by the NTCA—The National Broadband Association as a Smart Rural Community leader and a Certified Gigabit-Capable Provider. Since 1958, the Cooperative has been committed to delivering cutting-edge telecommunications services. South Slope is currently in the process of a multiyear fiber optic overbuild to deliver the fastest internet speeds available.

Our Core Principles

Mission – Unparalleled communications fueled by innovation, service, and extraordinary people.

Vision – Connecting you to what is important.

Core Values – ASPIRE: Authentic, Service, Progressive, Integrity, Reliability, and Excellence.

Coverage Area

We are proud to serve the following communities: Amana, Ely, Fairfax, Newhall, North Liberty, Norway, Oxford, Solon, Shueyville, Swisher, Tiffin, Watkins, Walford, West and South Cedar Rapids, and parts of Coralville.

History of our Cooperative

For 60 years, South Slope has served local eastern Iowa communities as a telephone cooperative with the goal to keep rural Iowa connected. Cooperatives are successful because they provide non-profit services to their communities that may not be readily available otherwise. The beginnings of the modern cooperative movement can be traced back more than 150 years. Visit the Foundation for Rural Service for more information on how telecommunications cooperatives keep rural America connected!

Principles of the cooperative philosophy:

  • Open Membership – Anyone who can use a cooperative’s services and is willing to accept the responsibilities may join.
  • One Member, One Vote – Power is shared equally among all members, rather than concentrated in the hands of a few. Members elect a Board of Directors and, when necessary, vote on specific issues.
  • Limited Return on Investment – The purpose of a cooperative is to provide a service to its members, not to make a profit.
  • Surplus is Returned to the Members – Margins above and beyond the cost required to cover operating expenses are returned to members in proportion to their patronage.

Board of Directors

The South Slope Board of Directors may be contacted via email at or you may mail a letter to South Slope:

Attn: Board of Directors
PO Box 19
North Liberty, IA 52317

  • Mike Schanz, Board President
  • David Roberts, Board Vice President
  • Brian Butz, Board Secretary/Treasurer
  • Brad Meskimen, Board Member
  • Gary Grabe, Board Member
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