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South Slope Tiffin Fiber

Get Faster Connections with Fiber

The majority of South Slope’s serving area is already connected to our ultra-fast fiber network. Click on your town below to view its map and fiber status.

Amana Cedar Rapids Ely-Shueyville Fairfax Newhall North Liberty Norway-Watkins Oxford Solon-Sutliff Swisher Tiffin

Most towns we serve already have fiber!

North Liberty, Newhall, Amana, Swisher, Fairfax and Ely already have our fast fiber network. Contact us to get started with fast and reliable internet.

Faster Internet Speeds

Fiber optics delivers the fastest internet speeds available. Do you enjoy surfing the web, streaming or gaming? Fiber optics makes working and playing easier than ever with more consistent high speeds.


Keeping you connected at all times is our priority. South Slope buries fiber optic cables to ensure they will endure harsh environmental factors such as sunlight, storms, snow, and strong winds. Our fiber is strong, weatherproof, and UV resistant.


Cutting Edge

In addition to living a connected lifestyle, fiber optics allow for the development and deployment of new broadband applications. Fiber is prepared to handle new phone, television, and Internet applications; keeping you on the cutting edge of business, education, and entertainment.