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South Slope TvNow FAQ

How do I get started with South Slope TvNow?

Our helpful user guides will assist you with the easy installation of South Slope TvNow on your Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV device.

Amazon Fire TV

Get help setting up South Slope TvNow on your Amazon Fire TV devices.

Download Amazon Guide

Apple TV

Get help setting up South Slope TvNow on your Apple TV device.

Download Apple 1st Generation Guide

Download Apple 2nd & 3rd Generation Guide

Remotes Overview

A quick overview of how to add South Slope TvNow to your Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV Device.

Download Remote Guide

How do I pull up a channel guide on South Slope TvNow?

Amazon Fire TV

From the Home Screen, use the remote to highlight and expand the South Slope TvNow icon and press the center of the remote. This action will open your on-screen Program Guide.

Apple TV

From the Home Screen, using the Touch surface, highlight the South Slope TvNow icon and press the center of the Touch surface to open your channel guide.

Can I take my Apple TV of Amazon Fire TV to my second home and still watch South Slope TvNow?

South Slope TvNow will only play over a South Slope internet connection with South Slope TvNow service at that address.

Can I stream South Slope TvNow over more than one Apple or Amazon Fire TV device in my home?

Following are the number of streams included in your TV plan:

  • Supreme – Four Streams
  • Superior – Three Streams
  • Standard – One Stream
  • Saver – One Stream

Contact South Slope if you’d like to purchase an additional package of five streams for $9.95/month.

What devices are compatible with South Slope TvNow?

Amazon Fire TV

  • Stick Gen2
  • Fire TV Gen3
  • Stick 4K
  • Fire Cube Gen2
  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Apple TV

  • 4K 3rd generation
  • 4K 2nd generation
  • 4K 1st generation
  • Apple HD

How do I get DVR?

Never miss a show by adding Cloud DVR to your South Slope TvNow subscription. Simply order one of the following approximate number of storage hours. If you order the Supreme or Superior TV package, then you’ll receive 75 hours Cloud DVR for free. Pricing for add-on DVR is as follows:

  • up to 75 Hours – $9.95/month
  • up to 150 Hours – $14.95/month
  • up to 300 Hours – $19.95/month

Recordings are stored for 180 days but you can keep them longer by selecting Protect. Cloud DVR is not available for business customers due to copyright restrictions.

How do I manage my Cloud DVR recordings when I'm away from home?

If you have our streaming service, South Slope TvNow, you can schedule, review and delete recordings while away from home by going to

How can I view program information while watching South Slope TvNow?

Press the OK button to see information about the current episode you are viewing.

Is my channel lineup the same?

All major networks and cable TV networks available on our traditional lineups are also available on our South Slope TvNow lineups. Channel lineups are almost identical to our traditional TV service but we no longer offer Pay-Per-View channels.

Residential TV Channel Lineup

Business Superior TV Channel Lineup

How do I get help setting up my device?

Visit Amazon Fire TV Support for help setting up and troubleshooting issues with Amazon Fire TV devices.

Visit Apple TV Support for help setting up and troubleshooting issues with Apple TV devices.

What is the time-out feature on South Slope TvNow?

Similar to Netflix and other streaming services, South Slope TvNow has a time-out feature. After 6 hours of continuous streaming, you will receive a pop-up message asking if you are still watching South Slope TvNow. If so, you simply choose “ok” to continue watching.

I currently have more Apple TV/Amazon Fire TV devices than I have South Slope TvNow Stream subscriptions. Can I still watch South Slope TvNow on all of those devices?

The subscribed number of South Slope TvNow streams are the maximum that can be viewed at one time. When moving from devices, exit the South Slope TvNow application by using the “back” button to reach the home menu. This will release the stream and it will be available for the next device.

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