Strong & Reliable Wi-Fi

Get the best Wi-fi throughout your home so you can stream, game and work with ease. Add Managed Wi-Fi to any South Slope internet plan for a stress-free wireless experience.

  • We provide and install a state-of-the-art Calix router for a faster, smarter and safer connection.
  • We audit your home’s Wi-Fi signal, check for interference and find the best place for your router to provide the strongest signals.
  • We provide advanced security features, 24/7 support and assistance connecting future devices.
  • We perform a wide range of diagnostics to make sure you’re getting the best possible Wi-Fi.
  • Have a large home? Extend Wi-Fi to places you never thought you could reach with Mesh Wi-Fi

Order Managed Wi-Fi

Add Managed Wi-Fi to your internet plan for just $9.95 per month. To order, complete this form and we will follow-up within one business day or call us at 319-626-2211.
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Worry-free Wi-Fi for just $9.95/mo

Get consistent and fast speeds throughout your home!

Get the best Wi-Fi throughout your home

Stream, game and upload with ease. Add Managed Wi-Fi to any South Slope internet plan for a reliable, fast wireless experience.

(319) 626-2211

Large Home? You might need Mesh Wi-Fi!

Exceptional Wi-Fi

Even though you have fast internet coming into your house, that bandwidth may not make it all the way to your devices. Floors, walls, multiple users, even your neighbor’s router, can interfere with the bandwidth delivery throughout your home.

By adding South Slope Managed Wi-Fi to your internet plan, you’ll receive a Calix router that will take your online experience to new heights. The router is both smart and powerful. It not only has the power to offset interference, but it also has the ability to prioritize different types of apps and devices to give everyone on your network a better experience.

The Calix router uses the latest technology to give you a Wi-Fi experience that is second to none.

Ongoing Support

  • Our experienced technical support representatives can see which of your devices are connected, which ones are having issues, and help you troubleshoot and solve the problem quickly.
  • We can perform a wide range of diagnostics to make sure you’re getting the best possible Wi-Fi.

Router Maintenance

  • Router software upgrades are performed at regular intervals to make sure that your router is performing its best at all times
  • If your router fails due to normal wear and tear, South Slope will replace it at no cost.
  • Lost or weak wi-fi signal? Call us 24/7 and we do the troubleshooting for you.

Easy Controls

  • You have direct access to change settings at any time through the CommandIQ app which is free with Managed Wi-Fi Service.
  • Easily accommodate visitors by adding guest networks to keep your traffic separate and highly secure. You can also add parental controls such as limiting the times your kids are able to access the internet through their devices.
  • Download CommandIQ from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Wi-Fi with the Full Power of South Slope Support

Get Managed Wi-Fi for just $9.95/mo!