South Slope Managed Wi-Fi

With South Slope Managed Wi-Fi, you get predictable Wi-Fi performance and speed throughout your entire home or business, plus unlimited 24/7 remote support. Our high-tech router allows you to manage device connectivity, control internet access times and setup guest networks, all from our NetValet app. Our team handles your Wi-Fi for you, so you can simply enjoy strong signals and fast internet.

Top ten reasons to subscribe to South Slope Managed Wi-Fi:

  1. Predictable Wi-Fi performance
  2. 24/7 unlimited remote assistance for your internet service
  3. Extended range and coverage for connectivity throughout your whole home/business
  4. Wi-Fi scan at install for best router positioning in your home/business
  5. Faster remote solutions and advanced troubleshooting
  6. High-tech hardware, top of the line router
  7. Professional installation from local trusted technicians
  8. Remote firmware and configuration management
  9. Password-secured network and guest networks
  10. NetValet app to manage your router/network from anywhere

Managed Wi-Fi is available to South Slope residential and small business internet customers. Some restrictions may apply, please call for details.

Sign up for Managed Wi-Fi service for just $9.95/mo!

Download the NetValet App

NetValet is an intuitive, easy-to-use app that controls your South Slope Managed Wi-Fi service. Below are a few key benefits:

  • Guest network setup: allows your guests to enjoy their own internet network in your home
  • Policy management: create policies to time block access to the internet
  • Parental control: apply one or more policies (created via the policy manager) to connected user devices

Download NetValet from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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