TV Subscriber Policies

South Slope Television Subscriber Policies

Products & Services Policy

Television Products and Services Offered. South Slope offers television service to Customers, including several separate programming packages and associated modems, set-top boxes, remote control devices, wiring and other operating facilities and equipment. For a complete overview of products and services offered, please consult the enclosed brochure (the “Service Brochure”). For the current channel positions of all programming carried on South Slope’s television system, please consult the enclosed channel lineup (the “Channel Card”). Instructions on how to use service and associated equipment are provided upon installation and are available from South Slope upon Customer’s request.

Prices and Options for Television Services.Current prices and options for installation and service are included in the Service Brochure. Pricing applicable to specific services requested by Customer may depend on service and/or service term.

Conditions of Service. As a condition of receiving service, Customer may be required to enter into a separate service agreement. Customer agrees to be bound by any required service agreement along with all applicable terms and conditions of service in this Notice (collectively, “Service Agreement”). Customer’s Service Agreement may include additional terms and conditions approved by South Slope and communicated to Customer in writing from time to time, including applicable charges and/or promotional discounts for specific services requested by Customer.

Termination of Service. Customer may initiate termination of service (a) by notifying South Slope’s business office during normal business hours and scheduling a physical disconnection of service and equipment recovery, or (b) by directly and personally appearing at South Slope’s business office during normal business hours and surrendering all equipment to South Slope. Upon disconnection of service for any reason, Customer is liable for service-related charges for all services rendered by South Slope up to the disconnect date and may be liable for prorated service charges based on the remaining term of any applicable Service Contract. In addition, Customer is liable for all equipment-related charges until customer returns such equipment to South Slope’s Business Office located @ 980 North Front St., North Liberty, IA.

Theft of Service or Willful Damage to Equipment. Receipt of service without proper payment to South Slope is a crime. Customer is advised that the law prohibits (a) theft or unauthorized reception of television programming; (b) assisting theft or unauthorized reception of television programming, including the manufacturing or sale of equipment intended or such unauthorized use; and (c) willful damage, alteration or destruction of equipment or facilities installed in or located on Customer’s premises or otherwise provided to Customer by South Slope. Customer is subject to both civil and criminal penalties for prohibited conduct.

Installation & Return Policy

Ownership of Equipment. Equipment includes all equipment and/or facilities installed in or located on Customer’s premises or otherwise provided to Customer by South Slope, including without limitation modems, set-top boxes, remote controls, adapters, converters, decoders and wiring. All equipment shall remain the sole and exclusive property of South Slope, unless otherwise specified in Customer’s written Service Contract or otherwise provided by the Federal Communications Commission’s inside wiring regulations.

Damage, Loss or Theft. Customer is solely responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment installed in or located on Customer’s premises or otherwise provided to Customer by South Slope. In the event that any equipment is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen while in Customer’s possession, Customer shall be liable to South Slope for the full cost of repair or replacement for such equipment. Any warranties for defective equipment shall be as specified in Customer’s written Service Contract.

Return of Equipment. Upon disconnection of service for any reason, Customer’s right to possession of equipment shall immediately cease and terminate. Customer agrees to return all equipment directly to South Slope upon disconnect date in good operating condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted. For any unreturned equipment, Customer agrees to pay South Slope the full cost of replacement without deduction for depreciation, wear and tear or physical condition. In the event that Customer fails or refuses to promptly return any equipment, South Slope may enter the premises where the equipment was installed or located for the purpose of discontinuing service and/or removing the equipment.

Access to Premises. South Slope may enter into, upon and over Customer’s premises periodically to install, connect, inspect, maintain, repair or alter its service outlets or equipment. To the extent consistent with Customer’s ownership of the premises, Customer grants South Slope a continuing easement to construct, install, maintain and/or replace all facilities and equipment as necessary for South Slope to provide service. If Customer is not the owner of the premises, Customer represents and warrants to South Slope that he or she has the consent of the owner as necessary for South Slope to perform required installation and maintenance for service to the premises. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold South Slope harmless from and against any and all claims arising from or through any owner of the premises and in connection with service to the premises.

Maintenance & Repair Policy

Service and Repair. South Slope will undertake reasonable efforts to maintain the system in good working order and to respond to service calls in a timely manner. South Slope will repair and correct damage to equipment or interruptions of service due to reasonable wear and tear or technical malfunction. Physical damage to equipment caused by Customer’s intentional or negligent misuse is the sole responsibility of Customer as provided herein. South Slope assumes no liability for damage to equipment due to circumstances beyond its control, including without limitation acts of God, natural disaster, fire, civil disturbance, strike or weather.

Service Interruptions. In the event of a complete failure of service for twenty-four (24) consecutive hours or more, Customer is entitled to a prorated credit upon request. In the event of an outage during a live or special pay-per-view event ordered by Customer, Customer is, upon request, entitled to a prorated adjustment of the event fee based upon the number of minutes of the outage. To qualify for an applicable adjustment, Customer must request a credit within thirty (30) days of the failure. Service interruptions caused by Customer’s intentional or negligent misuse is the sole responsibility of Customer as provided herein. South Slope assumes no liability for interruptions of service, or alterations in programming due to circumstances beyond its control, including without limitation acts of God, natural disaster, fire, civil disturbance, strike or weather.

Customer Equipment. South Slope assumes no responsibility for the operation, maintenance or repair of any Customer equipment, including but not limited to televisions, VCRs, audio receivers or other devices.

Bill Policy

Payment. Customer is solely responsible for paying for all services, including charges for installation, equipment and programming or other services and all applicable local, state or federal fees, taxes and surcharges. Unless otherwise provided in the applicable written Service Contract, monthly recurring charges are billed to Customer in advance and non-recurring charges are billed to Customer in arrears. All charges are due upon Customer’s receipt of the bill or by the date specified on the billing statement.

Recurring Internet and TV service, equipment, and other fees are billed monthly in advance. Installation charges, service calls, usage (i.e. PPV,VOD), any other non-recurring charges or item(s) that cannot be billed in advance will be billed on the following month’s invoice. If you elect to terminate Internet or TV service for which you have paid for in advance, the monthly recurring service charges (excluding deposits) are non-refundable. If service is terminated prior to the end of your agreed contract term, South Slope may assess and recoup any initial installation costs waived at the time of service activation.

Changes in Service and Charges. From time to time South Slope may change or delete programming services, upgrade or otherwise modify its operating equipment and/or increase or decrease any fees and charges for installation, equipment and programming service. Whenever possible, South Slope will give Customers prior written notice of any changes in rates, programming services or channel positions in compliance with applicable law and local franchising requirements. Notwithstanding the preceding, content, programs and/or formats associated with any programming service may be discontinued, modified or changed by the owners of such services at any time without prior notice to Customers. South Slope assumes no liability for changes in service and charges.

Late Charges and Other Charges. South Slope may impose an administrative late fee for any charges not paid in full by Customer on or prior to the applicable due date. If Customer has not paid amounts due within 30 days of the applicable due date, and it is reasonably necessary for South Slope to use a collection agency and/or attorney to collect the overdue payment, Customer shall pay South Slope, in addition to all other amounts due, all reasonable fees related to the services of the collection agency and/ or attorney in securing collection. If Customer’s check is returned for insufficient funds, South Slope may impose a service charge of up to $50, subject to applicable law. If service is disconnected for any reason, South Slope may, in addition to any outstanding balance and applicable late charges, impose a reconnect charge and/or require a security deposit before service is restored. If a voluntary or involuntary petition in bankruptcy is filed by or against Customer, South Slope may require a reasonable security deposit to continue service.

Complaint Policy

Contact South Slope. For questions or complaints regarding television service, including any issues or complaints related to service charges, operating equipment or quality of service, Customer must first call or write South Slope’s customer service department using the contact information listed on the monthly billing statement or at the following address and telephone number:

South Slope Cooperative Telephone Company
Attn: Customer Service
980 North Front Street
North Liberty, IA 52317

South Slope will make every effort to resolve outstanding Customer complaints or issues within 10 business days of its receipt of the request or complaint.

Contact Local Franchising Authority. If Customer has contacted South Slope as required above and the problem is not resolved to Customer’s satisfaction, Customer may contact his or her local franchising authority. The name and contact information of Customer’s local franchising authority is listed on Customer’s monthly billing statement or may be obtained by contacting South Slope.

If you have any questions about South Slope’s policies as described in this Notice, please contact South Slope at the address and telephone number listed herein or at the address and telephone number listed on your monthly billing statement or service order. South Slope will provide you with a copy of this Notice at least annually and at any time upon request. South Slope will notify you in advance of any significant changes to the information included herein.

Closed Captioning

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is concerned that consumers may experience difficulty in receiving and/or viewing closed captioning on some digital television (DTV) programming, including high definition television (HDTV), provided by a subscription television provider. These difficulties generally could arise from two causes: 1) the consumer’s set-top box and/or TV are not properly set to allow closed captions to be displayed; or 2) there are technical problems with the subscription television provider’s system that prevent closed captions from being received and decoded by the set-top box and/or TV.

If you have difficulties viewing closed captions received from South Slope, you should:

  • Ensure that the captioning function on your set-top box, if applicable, is turned on;
  • Ensure that the captioning function on your DTV is turned on.
  • Consult any consumer information and manuals/guides on closed captions for DTV programming provided by South Slope.
  • If you are still unable to view closed captions, you should contact South Slope for assistance.

For assistance with immediate closed captioning concerns contact:

South Slope Customer Service
phone:  (319) 626-2211
fax:  (319) 665-7153

To file a written complaint contact: 

South Slope Cooperative
Attn: Manager
980 North Front Street
North Liberty, IA 52317
phone:  (319) 626-2211
fax:  (319) 665-7153