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3 Tips for a Better Internet Connection

November 10, 2021

“Daaaaad, is the Wi-Fi down?”

“Hey kids, get off your games. I can’t get on Zoom.”

If this sounds familiar, check out our tips for a better internet connection!

1. Testing Your Speed

If you see the dreaded spinning circle of buffering, your internet plan may not be fast enough. First, you’ll want to test your internet speed coming into your home. Find an Ethernet cable and plug your computer directly into your router. Then run a speed test at If it’s much lower than your plan, call us at 319-626-2211 so we can fix the issue. If the speed does align with your plan, then it’s time to consider increasing your internet speed.

2. Number of Devices

If you have many people in your home connected at the same time, you may be maxing out your bandwidth. Think about how many connected devices you have such as computers, tablets, smartphones, video game consoles, and streaming devices. The more devices connecting at one time, the more internet speed you will need to handle that usage. Watch this short video to learn more about how devices affect your internet speed.

3. Improving Your Wi-Fi

Getting fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home is essential now more than ever. You may have the internet speed you need, but if you have issues with your Wi-Fi router, you’ll have slow and dropped connections. Check out these steps for better Wi-Fi:
1. Place your wireless router in a central location in your home so that the signal can easily reach all of your devices. Have a large home? Consider adding a Wi-Fi extender.
2. Update your router firmware. Most current routers have the update process built into the administration interface.
3. If you have a dual-band router, switch to 5GHz instead of the more common 2.4Ghz band. 5GHz offers faster speeds and less interference from other wireless devices.

Want to take the worry out of your Wi-Fi? Add South Slope Managed Wi-Fi service to your internet plan. Learn more at

South Slope is here to help! For more tips, check our Connection & Speed FAQ or call us at 319-626-2211.

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