SIP Trunking

Exceptional Reliability

Experience exceptional reliability with South Slope SIP Trunking service. SIP Trunking delivers the flexibility to scale your voice services as your business expands.

Why South Slope SIP service?

  • Integration with your current IP phone system
  • Maximum flexibility to add SIP Trunks to any size organization
  • Save money by selecting only the number of trunks your business needs and easily scale as your needs grow
  • Utilize advanced features such as automatic call rerouting
  • Unlimited incoming minutes and unlimited local calls
  • Multiple nationwide long distance package options
  • Our fiber-optic network delivers maximum reliability and redundancy to ensure the best possible call quality

DIOD Service


Direct Inward Outward Dialing (DIOD) allows companies to provide their employees with individual phone numbers for each person or workstation without a physical phone line present.

DIOD Enhanced

The enhanced service should be used when the 911 address of a DIOD is different than the service address. The 911 address will represent the address where the specific number is originating calls which is essential from a safety standpoint.

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