Security Tip: Setting up a Guest Network

Security Tip: Setting up a Guest Network

Security in your home is extremely important, and when your Wi-Fi network isn’t properly secured, it leaves you vulnerable to a variety of different security threats.

As the holidays get closer, more and more people will be entering your home asking for access to the internet. If your network is hacked, anyone could access your personal internet service freely, obtain your personal data, or expose your device to malware. None of those situations end positively, so have the option for your visitors to use a guest network.

To set up your guest Wi-Fi network, you need to access the web interface for your Wi-Fi router. You log into the network, and follow the instructions provided by your router manufacturer to create and set up the guest Wi-Fi network. If you have a GigaCenter, you need to log in to the GigaCenter web interface to setup your guest Wi-Fi network. This involves three steps:
1. Turn on the guest Wi-Fi network for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
2. Provide a name for the guest Wi-Fi network (also known as the SSID).
3. Set a strong password that’s also easy to remember for your guests.

Need more information on guest networks? Visit this link to learn more. 

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