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Fast Tips

Helpful tips for moving your internet service

May 11, 2022

We know moving is stressful, but your internet doesn’t have to be! Check out our tips for selecting an internet provider and preparing for installation. Selecting an internet provider When choosing a provider, be sure to look at more than one option. What often comes to mind are national companies, but many cities have local […]

What is fiber, and how does it benefit me?

April 14, 2022

South Slope is bringing fiber optic technology to homes and businesses in Oxford, but why is this important?  Business Development Manager, Bre Horstman, shares helpful information about fiber and why it’s essential for businesses. For more information about our latest network expansion, read Building Fiber Network in Rural Oxford. 

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Get Discounted Phone or Internet Service with Lifeline

March 8, 2022

Access to affordable voice and internet service is vital to stay connected in today’s world. People need these services to connect with healthcare providers, potential employers, educational programs, and loved ones. Affordable service remains a challenge for many low-income consumers. The federal Lifeline program helps close the gap for these consumers by offering a monthly […]

Security Tip

Security Tip: Netflix Phishing Scam

January 14, 2022

With today’s population gravitating towards streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, it was only a matter of time before scammers started taking action. In a recent attempt to get your personal information, scammers are sending phishing emails that appear to be sent from Netflix. It tells the receiver that they are “unable […]

Modern Technology Propels Amana Colonies’ Hotel Into Future

December 3, 2021

From the outside, the Amana Colonies in East-Central Iowa is known as a place you go to slow down, relax and take a step back in time. But inside the quaint, red brick buildings and gray wooden structures built in the 1800s surges something you might not expect: world-class fiber internet, boasting some of the […]

3 Tips for a Better Internet Connection

November 10, 2021

“Daaaaad, is the Wi-Fi down?” “Hey kids, get off your games. I can’t get on Zoom.” If this sounds familiar, check out our tips for a better internet connection! 1. Testing Your Speed If you see the dreaded spinning circle of buffering, your internet plan may not be fast enough. First, you’ll want to test […]

Safety Benefits of a Landline Phone

October 24, 2021

What’s the point of a landline when smart phones have taken over the world? Well, landlines are still relevant, and although many homes no longer have a landline telephone, there are still benefits to owning one. The main reason landlines are significant is safety, especially when you have kids at home. For today’s #tuesdaytip we […]

Labor Day Scams

September 2, 2021

Labor Day is already next week, and sadly it happens to be another day that scammers will try to take advantage of you. Although many people will be traveling and spending time with friends and family, be on the lookout for these common holiday weekend tricks. #southslopetips Traveling Three day weekends are perfect for traveling. […]

Simplifying Internet Terminology

August 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered what all the terminology used in internet packages really means?  What is upload speed, download speed, megabits, kilobits, Wi-Fi?  Let’s break it down.  Download speed refers to the rate that data travels from the World Wide Web to your computer, laptop or smartphone and upload speed is the rate that data […]

Shopping for Back-to-School Tech

July 12, 2021

Although it’s only July, back-to-school shopping is just around the corner! Whether you’re in college or a parent of an elementary kiddo, we’re here to share our tips for selecting the right tech. Laptop/Desktop computers Last year showed us the importance of having a dependable laptop or desktop computer for virtual learning.   For remote […]

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