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Fast Fiber Community

Ridiculously Reliable Internet Lives Here

Fiber Community Toolkit

Spread the word to homebuyers and businesses that your community has fast and reliable fiber internet! Use the toolkit links below including social media posts, website content, blogs and yard signs to promote that you are a fiber internet community.

Social Media Posts

Use the following content and images in your Facebook and Instagram posts to promote the benefits of fiber internet in your community.

Social Media Content – View (PDF) / Download (Word doc)

Gaming image: View / Download

Community image: View / Download 

Smart Homes image: View / Download

Work From Home image: View / Download

Business image: View / Download

Fiber image: View / Download

Website Content

Potential businesses and homebuyers are often comparing where they’ll plant their roots by looking at city websites. Promote that you have the fastest connectivity by adding content to your website.

Website Content: View (PDF) / Download (Word doc)
Copy content from this document to add to your website.


Blogs are a great way to share the benefits of fiber internet and provide customer education. You can use blogs in many ways, including posting on your website, printing in newsletters and sharing in customer emails. We will continually add blogs, so be sure to check back!

The Importance of Fiber Internet: View (PDF) / Download (Word doc)

Benefits of Symmetrical Internet for Businesses: View (PDF) / Download (Word doc)

Why Upload Speed Matters in Homes: View (PDF) / Download (Word doc)

Beginner’s Guide to Streaming TV: View (PDF) / Download (Word doc)

Yard Signs

Promote that your community has ridiculously reliable internet with yard signs.

Yard Sign: View / Download
Download and send this file to a commercial printer (i.e. AlphaGraphics). The size is 18″ x 24″, print double-sided and ask for one H-stake per sign for placing in ground. If you prefer that South Slope provide yard signs for you, please email the quantity, contact name and delivery address.

Need something more to help promote that you're a fiber community? Let us know what you'd like by completing the following form.


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